Kenneth Hagman


Have you ever heard about Nordenkiöldsloppet? Well, it’s a long-distance skiing race, and with its 220 km’s long track the race takes the spot of the world’s longest classical ski race. Now already three times, one of the race participants has been Kenneth Hagman – the entrepreneur of Svenska Marinvaror AB and the reseller of Savorak Laiturit docks in Sweden, Luleå.

However, this is not all. Maybe the secret is the energy and strength that Kenneth gets from his active lifestyle -which includes about half a year of traditional skiing and half roller skating plus all-year-round gym practice- but this man runs also two other companies; Svensk Vattenanalys and Svenska Brunnslock. The field of the first one is water analysis and the second manhole covers.

What is your educational background and how have you ended up to become the entrepreneur of Svenska Marinvaror AB and reselling Finnish docks of Savorak Laiturit?
”I’ve spent my whole childhood by the water and been always interested in marine matters. After high school, I went to vocational school and graduated as a boat builder. I’ve also studied computer science at the Luleå University of Technology. After student life, I worked for Merivartiolaitos for 10 years, and after it as a seller of building materials. Finally, seven years ago I established my first own company.

I moved to Sweden 25 years ago but I’m born in Finland. Because of my background, I understand Finnish, and that’s why it’s easy and natural for me to collaborate with Finnish.

Originally Tomi Kokkonen’s collaboration partner and friend, Suvi Brunou, contacted us and asked whether we’d be interested in reselling Savorak Laiturit docks. It happened 2 years ago. Before that, we were resellers of another dock company. However, they didn’t sell well so both me and our employer in Finland, Kim Varjo, changed the partnership. It was a good decision since last year we sold 300 meters of Savorak Laiturit docks and this year our goal is to sell 500 meters. I believe we reach 2 million euros in sales in Svenska Marinvaror this year.

We want to work closely with Savorak Laiturit because they have strong experience. Also, everything works well with Savorak Laiturit. In Sweden, we take care of the dock sale. Installation work we buy from other partners. At times logistics and currency changes set challenges but that’s common in international business.

Customers of Svenska Marinvaror -and also our Finland’s side, Suomen Marinetarvike- are private individuals, port associations, campsites, companies, distributors, and municipalities from all over Scandinavia. Simply said, Svenska Marinvaror manufactures and offers several different marine products in high quality at the right price to our customers.”

How would you describe the docks of Savorak Laiturit yourself?
”Savorak Laiturit docks are high-quality. They are not the cheapest docks but that’s why we put more energy to show the customers that Savorak docks are worth investing. After all, the customer most often is looking for the cheapest price.

Southern Sweden is our main sales area. Also, Luleå area is important since it’s the 3rd biggest archipelago in Sweden. We have little competition in our business which benefits us. There is a Swedish dock company but they concentrate on small swimming docks. We, instead, are interested in bigger docks and harbors. Other Finnish companies do resale their docks in Sweden but also there our competitive advantage is the high quality of Savorak Laiturit docks.”

What do you see as the most important thing when the customer contacts you?
”Most of our customers, and also selling comes through our home page and online store at https://marinvaror.se/. Nowadays no one has a lot of time to wait. Also the season is dock business is short.

We aim to be fast and react fast when customer contacts us. We give them quickly the answers they need. For example, if they want to have the offer on the same day, then we give it to them on the same day. Also, we deliver the products to our customers fast.

What comes to our home page, we try to explain and open things there well to our customers. Make things as easy as possible for them, in other words. Also, so that we can help and offer them the best suitable products, we ask the customers to fill detailed information about their shore. For this, we have a special form on our web page. Often I ask the customer to send pictures too. All that serves the purpose that we can help the customer better and in the end, the customer gets the best possible dock to his purposes and shore.

What kind of feedback you have got from your work?
Many customers have sent photos afterward with a message about how happy they are to their new dock. It feels good. Naturally, sometimes all have not gone perfectly. Occasionally the delivery time is a problem in Sweden. When that happens, after getting customer feedback, we try to solve the problem as best as we can.

In general, my goal is to sell products and deliver them so that the customer comes back to Svenska Marinvaror. This principle has worked well and helped Svenska Marinvaror to develop and grow!

Contact information

Kenneth Hagman
Tel. +46 703438849

Svenska Marinvaror AB
Midgårdsvägen 3, 97334 Luleå

Svenska Marinvaror operates as Suomen Marinetarvike in Finland. Suomen Marinetarvike is run by Kim Varjo who also works as Savorak Laiturit reseller in Turku, Naantali, Velkua, and Rauma area.

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