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Savorak Laiturit Ltd. company is established in 2008. It is one of Finland’s biggest dock companies, located in Lake Saimaa area, Eastern Finland.

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Lakefront or seashore? Among Savorak Laiturit #MadeinFinland dock collection, you find the right dock for your needs.

And if you don’t find one, we customize the one for you!

Savorak Laiturit Ltd. is established in 2008. It is one of Finland’s biggest dock companies located in Lake Saimaa area, Eastern Finland. The first 10 years Savorak Laiturit operated in Savonlinna. Because of the company’s growth, at the beginning of 2019, it moved to a bigger production premises in Rantasalmi. Besides the factory, there is also an outlet with a wide range of dock accessories available in Rantasalmi.

All Savorak docks are handmade in Finland. The high quality-price ratio in the products is important for the company and that’s why it invests a lot in product development. Savorak docks are said to be the most stable and long-lasting docks in the market. Also, they are well-known for their stylish details, design, and aesthetics.

Savorak dock collection covers all kinds of docks. Different models are 1) Sauna docks, 2) Cottage docks, 3) Concrete pontoon docks, 4) Pipe pontoon docks, 5) All-concrete docks and 6) Guest harbors, swimming facilities & other bigger dock entities. Private people, companies, and organizations in the public sector – all belong to their customers.

You don’t need to take Savorak docks out of the water for the winter which saves your time, energy and money.

The strength of Savorak Laiturit is also a fast product delivery and dock assembly. The company offers docks with Turnkey principle which makes the acquisition of the dock as easy as possible for them.

A customer-oriented approach is important for Savorak. It is a matter of honour for the company to make sure that every one of their customers gets that kind of a dock that corresponds to one’s own needs and is the best possible dock to the waterfront in question. To make it happen – besides product development- the company invests in personal service.

The pride of the company is its broad sales network that covers the whole of Finland. Altogether there are more than 20 Savorak salespersons. The sales network guarantees better customer service in the form of regional expertise; each salesperson possesses knowledge over the bodies of water and waterfronts in his or her own sales area.

The CEO of Savorak Laiturit Ltd. is Tomi Kokkonen (on the right in the photo). The company has 9 employees who work in Rantasalmi. Besides its own staff and sellers, Savorak company is supported by long-term and reliable partners:

  • The producer of wood material is PrimaTimber. It is located in Joensuu, North Karelia.
  • The company’s transportation partner in Finland is K & K Mustoset Ay.
  • Partner companies that take care of the assembly of the docks are many in different parts of Finland and Sweden. In Lake Saimaa area one of the main companies is SavonTähti.

In 2019 the factory of Savorak Laiturit moved to the bigger premises in Rantasalmi, in East of Finland. Also in other ways, the company is now investing heavily in boosting its marketing and production to guarantee the continuation of growth also in the future.


If you are interested in knowing more about Savorak Laiturit or you would like to have your own Savorak dock, please send us an email: or call +358 44 4931895.